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Apply To Become A Show Host In Your Area

NOTE: There is a monthly fee to participate as a show host as well as a one time Membership Fee. A minimum 12 month commitment is required.

Please answer each of the questions below by recording your response in the box provided. If an answer is zero or N/A, put NA. Thanks for your interest in becoming a show host in one of our existing networks. If you live outside of our existing areas, please contact us about starting a network in your area or travel options for filming.

Show Host Application:

Show Host Application:


Example Video:

A video example is required as part of this application process. If you have an existing video example, please input the YouTube or website link for viewing. If you need to create a new video, please make it 1-3 minutes in length on either a sample topic or simple introduce yourself as you would at a networking meeting.

You do not have to have this ready in order to complete this application. Email Pat Altvater with the link once it is completed.

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